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Dawn Theatre Project Moving Logo
Dawn Theatre Project Moving Logo
Dawn Theatre Project Moving Logo


Dawn Theatre Project is dedicated to communicating internal emotion through devising, dynamic physicality and imaginative visual storytelling. 


We see art as a social practice that impacts different communities by evoking challenging conversations and inspiring story-sharing. 


We create the circumstances for people to connect and explore collective healing as a community, while allowing them to question assumptions when necessary.


Dawn Theatre Project devises theater processes to create plays that awaken the curiosity of creators and audience alike towards the world beyond ourselves. 


We develop instances for story-sharing that embrace diverse experiences and knowledge. 


We strive for crossing cultural barriers between audience and performers and empowering marginalized communities. For this goal we incubate different languages that can lead to this story-sharing, including physical movement, visual, tactile, oral and written forms of expression. 


Our devised work frequently puts emphasis on communicating the internal processes of people’s stories. 


Our ideal is to create ‘collective emotional landscapes;’ moments in which audience and performers are attuned to someone’s story in empathy. 

Expressing stories to breach perceived differences among an audience and the characters we present to them, connecting through what is human. 

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