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Daphne looking at camera in mustard jacket

Past DTP Shows

Above the Water

Daphne Agosin

Artistic Director & Lighting/Scenic Designer

Daphne Agosin is the co-artistic director of Dawn Theatre Project and is originally from Chile. She focuses on the spatial aspects of theatre design (set and lights) with experience and continued interest in urban design. Daphne worked for a year at the Yale Urban Design Workshop and helped organize community workshops in the Resilient Bridgeport Project, in which the state of Connecticut competed for federal funds to improve the resiliency of coastal areas of the city. She co-created Grass Studio Theatre in 2020, an outdoor performance group that focused on attracting spontaneous public space audiences during the pandemic. She currently works as lighting designer for theatre in Chicago, and does outreach work with Still Point Theatre Collective, a 30+ year old local group of artists providing arts outreach programs to marginalized communities.

Daphne's Journey

"I am from Chile, and came to theater from a background in design. I studied architecture and then worked in architectural lighting design and urban design. From the design process I like to bring visual exploration methodologies and a constant question of how to improve life for others. 

While working in urban design, I frequently wondered how much I could improve instances of public engagement if I had more experience with positive processes of collective creation. I think this question fuels my interest in devised theater, and in blurring the limits of conventional and non-conventional performance spaces. 

A few years ago I decided to study theater design, an art that I always wanted to be involved in. After many plays as lighting designer, I am interested with Dawn Theatre Project in co-creating productions that use the exploration methods both of theater and design for new pieces."

You can see some of her work at 

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